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Cristalproof Admix is added to fresh concrete easily at the batch plant or directly into ready mix trucks. It is designed to enhance by effectively waterproofing the concrete and reducing the shrinkage cracks.


CRISTALPROOF ADMIX is designed to enhance by effectively waterproofing the concrete and reducing the shrinkage cracks.
This provides a cost effective solution to membrane systems while increasing concrete's durability. 

CRISTALPROOF ADMIX is added to fresh concrete easily at the batch plant or directly into ready mix trucks. It works to continuously prevent moisture from penetrating through the Concrete by creating a chemical reaction within the pores and capillaries to enhance the hydration process of the cement component within the concrete.

As an additive for concrete, the CRISTALPROOF ADMIX will promote additional crystals to grow within the concrete utilizing the concretes own natural hydration process to reduce the permeability of the concrete. The increased hydration process
also allows for an increased ability for the concrete to self-heal micro cracking upon the presence of moisture.

*Recommended use:

􀂃 .Swimming pools
􀂃 .Tunnels and subway systems
􀂃 .Parking garages
􀂃 .All below grade concrete foundations
􀂃 .Rooftops
􀂃 .Dry vaults
􀂃 .Sewage and water treatment plants
􀂃 .Water towers and water reservoirs
􀂃 .Marine structures
􀂃 .Pipes
􀂃 .Bridge decks
􀂃 .Concrete walls and floor

*Features, benefits and advantages:

􀂃 .Replaces all membranes
􀂃 .Eliminates waterproofing sub-trade and related problems
􀂃 .Increases productivity, lowers costs and increases durability
􀂃 .Virtually eliminates water penetration through concrete
􀂃 .Stops corrosion of reinforcing steel, stops penetration of waterborne contaminants resulting in increased durability and reduction           of opportunity costs    
 .Lowers overall costs through increased life span
􀂃 .User Friendly – simply added to the concrete mix
􀂃 .Less chance of error, and no impediment to productivity
􀂃 .Very low application cost, No problems due to worker error
􀂃 .Will stop water under high hydrostatic pressure
􀂃 .Can be used to stop water penetration through concrete under dramatic conditions
􀂃 .Completely eliminates the need for alternative waterproofing systems
􀂃 .Reduces cracking by up to 60%
􀂃 .Requires less repairs, provides a better quality finish
􀂃 .Lower repair costs
􀂃 .Will self-heal new hairline cracks
􀂃 .Increasing the life of concrete
􀂃 .Lower maintenance costs and increases effective life

*Operational data:

CRISTALPROOF ADMIX is a dry powder that is added directly
to the wet mix concrete during batching. It may be added
directly to the ready mix truck prior to site arrival or even at site.
The dosage rate is 2 kg per 100kg of cement.

Reduce the water component by 7 to 10%, even though the concrete will look less wet than it would normally look, it will provide an increased slump and workability to offset the reduction in water, making it easy for pouring and placing.
CRISTALPROOF ADMIX will actually increase productivity.

Reduce or eliminate air-entraining admixtures as required.
CRISTALPROOF ADMIX will normally increase air entrainment by 1 to 3%.

Mix for 10 minutes at high speed before placing to insure a thorough mix. Should a superplasticizer be required, add it after the addition of the CRISTALPROOF ADMIX. Do not add water to the mix to increase slump. Place the concrete within 45 minutes to utilize the maximum benefits of flow and placement values. Avoid early finishing and over toweling.


.CRISTALPROOF ADMIX does delay initial and final set times under most conditions.
.CRISTALPROOF ADMIX is free of oils, stearates,chlorides, sodium and silicate based materials.

*Technical data:

􀂃 .Color: gray
􀂃 .Appearance: granular powder
􀂃 .Max Particle Size: US mesh 30
􀂃 .Solids: 100%
􀂃 .Bulk density: 1.4
􀂃 .PH: 13
􀂃 .Water Resistance: 150 m head pressure


Dosage is 2% of cement content = 2kg of Cristalproof Admix
per 100kg of cement, 6kg of Cristalproof Admix for every 300 kg of mortar.
Concrete's with higher cement contents will require proportionally more Cristalproof Admix


Cristalproof Admix is measured to the cement and cementitious components such as fly ash and silica fume only and is not measured to the full concrete design. Be sure not to include water, sand or aggregates in the dosage component.


20/ 25kg bags or pails.
Alternate packing/private label available upon request


Store in dry location,opened bags or pails will deteriorate if subjected to moisture.

*Health precautions:

Cristalproof Admix is a cementitous based system and as
such is alkaline. It may cause skin and eye irritation. Use
appropriate and suitable protective clothing and eye protection
when mixing and or using Cristalproof Admix.